Marble Blast Ultra, one of the earliest Xbox Live Arcade games, has been removed from the service. The game is no longer listed on the Xbox Live Marketplace, though its DLC packs are still currently available. The delisting, according to XBLA Fans, is the result of developer GarageGames' recent and rocky history.

Between the closure of GarageGames' InstantAction service in 2010 and the company's revival earlier this year, it seems the IP rights to Marble Blast Ultra have been lost in the shuffle. GarageGames, now a subsidiary of Graham Software Development, only owns the rights to the Torque game engine, which powers Marble Blast Ultra. Rights to its games are still property of InstantAction Holdings. As such, GarageGames stopped offering its old titles after its transition to new ownership in February.

In a February forum post, GarageGames CEO Eric Preisz said that it was "unlikely" that the studio would reacquire the rights to its games.