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oblivion elder scrolls :)
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    oblivion elder scrolls :)

    is there anybody on this site that knows how to basicly do anything to oblivion elder scrolls like swap items transfering items from other saves, changing your class etc if so could someone possibly post a tut on how i know how to mod spells and items like the values but i want to bring them in to the game if u guys want a example of what i mean look at these saves found them at game tuts before they banned me :( when or if you guys look in here to try to help me look at the weapons and armour that are oviously not suppose to be in the game some of the saves u will know what i mean.
    thank in advance
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    Editing a game like Oblivion takes a lot of trail and error, as well as a little know-how. If I remember correctly, the values are dynamic, so no tutorial can really help you with this one (assuming I'm correct). I recommend you check out this series of posts: Introduction to Hexing, Programming, and Game Modding. If you're already familiar with hex editing, the only other thing I can recommend is to just fiddle around with your save.

    I guess the point I'm trying to make is: nobody can teach you how to edit any particular game unless you already know how to edit hex. Fortunately, that's the only true obstacle, for if you understand hex, you should be able to find what you're trying to edit with enough time. Also fortunately, if a misunderstanding of hex editing is the issue, there are plenty of people (myself included) who would be happy to help you learn.
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