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[Tutorial] How to Install Dashlaunch v3.12
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    How to Install Dashlaunch v3.12

    Materials Needed :

    1. A JTAG Xbox 360 Console running FreeBoot v0.032 or 0.030
    2. Updated DashLaunch Files: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.ph...ashlaunch-312/
    3. Common Sense
    4. Launch.ini file included with the dashlaunch files.
    5. Backup of NAND (in-case something goes wrong)

    Step 1.

    You are going to want to have all of the dashlaunch files Ive provided above in a convenient place such as you desktop.

    You are going to want to extract the ZIP file I have provided. You will notice there are a few files. The only ones you will be using are, sample_launch.ini and the folder, installer.

    Step 2.

    Once you have all of the files extracted you are going to to rename sample_launch.ini to launch.ini.

    Drag launch.ini into the folder installer. Then drag launch.ini into the files folder.

    Step 3.

    Navigate to you files folder and open launch.ini in notepad.
    You will notice under where it says

    you will see BUT_X = and Default =. These "codes" are telling you what button to hold, to boot what XEX. For example
    BUT_A =
    BUT_B =
    BUT_X =
    BUT_Y =
    Start =
    Back =
    LBump =
    ; Default is what loads when you hold no buttons
    ; leave this blank if you want NXE as default
    Default =

    Holding RIGHT BUMBER will cause you to boot to NXE.

    Step 4.

    After that you will see directories listed to the right of those "codes" you will see directories. These tell you where dashlaunch will be booting XEX files from. Here is a list of them

    ; internal hard disk    Hdd:\
    ; usb memory stick      Usb:\
    ; memory unit           Mu:\
    ; USB memory unit       UsbMu:\
    ; big block NAND mu     FlashMu:\
    ; CD/DVD                Dvd:\     (not recommended to use this one)
    First of all here is and example of what mine is

    BUT_X = Usb:\APPLICATIONS\C0DE9999\00080000\default.xex
    BUT_Y = Usb:\GAMES\Halo Reach\RTELauncher.xex
    Default = Usb:\APPLICATIONS\FreeStyle\default.xex
    nxemini = true
    pingpatch = true
    For example if we wanted dashlaunch to boot XEXMenu by default it would look like this (assuming XEXMenu is in you Content folder)

    Default = Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\00080000\C0DE99990F586558
    That would be booting the CON file, but if you wanted it to boot an XEX simply write default.xex after the name of the folder like so

    Default = Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\00080000\default.xex
    Step 5.
    If you wanted dashlaunch to boot FreeStyleDash off a USB while holding the B Button, it would look like so

    BUT_B = Usb:\Freestyle\default.xex
    That is assuming that Freestyle has its own folder within the root directory of your USB.

    If you have FreeStyle in a applications folder like me it would look more like this.

    BUT_B = Usb:\APPLICATIONS\Freestyle\default.xex
    Once you have finished making launch.ini make sure you have it in the files folder and drag all the contents of the installer folder onto a USB.

    Step 6.

    Once completed with that, boot up any XEX launcher of your choice and open default.xex.

    You should see a screen like this

    Obviously you are going to click A to install it

    If you have and Older version of dashlaunch previously installed it will ask you if you want to update

    You are going to want to press A to update it.

    It will then ask you if you want to change you settings. I simply say YES

    Here are what the settings are and what they do

    ; if true, brining up miniblade in NXE and then pressing Y will cause launch.xex to relaunch for you
    ; note you must release Y button then press desired QuickLaunchButtons after or use default item
    ; if not present default is TRUE
    nxemini = true
    ; if true ping limit will be removed for system link play (thanks FBDev!)
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    pingpatch = true
    ; if true (most) xbla will no longer need yaris patching (thanks mojobojo!)
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    contpatch = true
    ; Normally when a fatal error occurs the xbox will just freeze, setting this to false will cause a reboot or powerdown
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    fatalfreeze = false
    ; when fatalfreeze is set to false, setting this to true will cause the box to reboot, setting it to false will instead have the box shut down
    ; note that this option does NOTHING when fatalfreeze is set to true
    ; if not present default is FALSE
    fatalreboot = true
    ; when set to true, it is possible to hold RB when launching a game to have the region that the game gets from xam spoofed
    ; if not present this is set to false
    regionspoof = true
    ; when regionspoof is true, you set your region here in hex, for examle devkit would be region = 0x7fff
    ; if not present but regionspoof is set to true, this is set to 0x7FFF
    region = 0x7FFF
    ; when set to false, ejecting a dvd video returns you to your default item, set to true to auto exit to dash
    ; if not present this is set to false
    dvdexitdash = false
    ; when set to false, using the exit item in an XBLA game returns you to your default item, set to true to exit to NXE arcade menu
    ; if not present this is set to false
    xblaexitdash = false
    ; when set to true, using miniblades system setting options will not exit to NXE
    ; if not present this is set to false
    nosysexit = false
    Enter the setting you want,

    You will then get something saying that the freeboot patches for [insert motherboard name here] are not installed. Click A if you want dashlaunch to be installed.

    And finally you should get this screen. This tells you the installation process has finised.

    Reboot and you should boot into the file you told it to in the launch.ini file.

    Credit goes to Fierce Waffle
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