You tried to make it last.

Like Teddy's plan to eat his lunch for a whole bus trip you parsed out the exact bites of Portal 2 you'd need to take to savor it for a full week. But we we are, just seven days and one overnight, 15-hour bender later and all you've got to show for it is a big belly fulla nothing.

If you've got an iPad, two bucks and the urge to make the hunger pangs go away, you might wanna pick up The Final Hours of Portal 2, Geoff Keighley's fascinating interactive feature story on the creation of Valve's latest. What kind of revelations can you expect? Well, how about the fact that Portal 2 might be Valve's last game with an isolated single-player component (what about poor Episode 3)? Or the details of Erik Wolpaw's sleep schedule?

Yeah, we thought that one would sell you. Oh, and good news for non-iPadders out there: Keighley says that at least the text of the app will come to other platforms soon.