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[TUT] How to mod Arcania Gothic 4
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    Masta Of Evil

    [TUT] How to mod Arcania Gothic 4

    [Level and Gold]

    Do a search for 7F7FFFFF , From there go forward 67 bytes [Red] this is your level, 63 = Level 99. The orange is your gold max is 3B9AC9FF = 999,999,999.


    Do a text search for ActorComponentSkills, it will be the second one found, go to the skill (Red) and go forward 5 bytes(Orange); To max this skill change this value to 63. There will be alot of these, you have to change them all to max them.


    Do a text seach for ActorComponentInventory, it will be the second one found, the first byte cirlced in red is how many items you in have in your inventory. The numbers (Ex. 86732 in red) are your items, you can swap these by replacing the numbers in the right column with one from the item sheet i have included. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE SAME AMMOUNT OF DIGITS TO SWAP AN ITEM, YOU CANNOT SWAP 86732 WITH 205156 IT HAS TO BE THE SAME AMMOUNT LIKE 86732 FOR 86734. 4-5 bytes forward from the item (orange) is the quantity of that item, to get max (999) quantity change this to 03E7.

    Rehash/Resign and your done!

    I hope this tutorial is useful to you, If you post anywhere else please give credit where it is due!
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    Re: [TUT] How to mod Arcania Gothic 4

    is there a way we can mod health???

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    Re: [TUT] How to mod Arcania Gothic 4

    Great tutorial but one problem, can't asign spells to pad or eqip them. Any fix for this would be gratefully appreciated.Thanks

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    Re: [TUT] How to mod Arcania Gothic 4

    can offsets be used to find things in hex editor



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