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Page loading slowdown due to proxy or firefox/chrome add-ons?
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    Page loading slowdown due to proxy or firefox/chrome add-ons?

    Yes, proxy & add-ons can negatively affect your Internet connection!

    Here are the results of my test -

    Loading a page with proxy: 3 - 15 seconds.
    Loading a page without proxy: 0.5 - 2 seconds.

    Why is my Internet connection so slow?

    Browsing the Internet with slow Internet connection is a little bit frustrating and there’s a solution to that which is to get another reliable and fast Internet connection.
    But, in a situation where your Internet connection is fast and everything seems to be difficult, or things are not going the way it suppose to go what can make your Internet connection to slow in this type of occasion?
    Is it because the connection is too fast or what?
    That is absolutely wrong but, there are many things which can cause your Internet connection to slow down even when you’re transferring data at a peak level (when you’re using the Internet with the most fastest and highest speed ever).

    There are many steps you can take in increasing the speed of your Internet connection and in this post we’ll talk and outline many ways which you can take to prevent your Internet connection from running slow.

    Ultimately your top internet speed will depend on your T1, DSL, or wireless internet provider. Although the following steps can be taken to get the most out of the connection you have.


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    This is really very useful Seph thanks for sharing it bro :D
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    Re: Page loading slowdown due to proxy or firefox/chrome add-ons?

    nice to know about this sephi, i had this problem yesterday and it was very annoying
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    Re: Page loading slowdown due to proxy or firefox/chrome add-ons?

    Does it even matter though? I thought you didn't support members popping in using proxies.

    EDIT: Of course, I think I might have an idea as to why so many lower-tier members use proxies on this site. Most developers are at in their early or mid 20s, but most of the people that download the tools are younger than 18 and still in high school. I remember when I was in high school, the entire school network had a block on sites like myspace and facebook (since so many students would rather check their statuses than do school work) and the only way to get around the block was to use a proxy.

    This was all half a decade ago. Computers are used in school even more these days, so I would be willing to bet that most students who are attempting to view haven have to do so through a proxy, lest they be blocked by their network.

    That said, for this reason, I am all the more for not supporting proxies. Nothing against our younger members, but school time should really be used for... well, school, and not for browsing the internet. I guess it's just a personal thing, but I feel I'd have been making editors a few years sooner had I paid attention in my computer classes instead of goofing off on video game sites.
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    Re: Page loading slowdown due to proxy or firefox/chrome add-ons?

    nice information shared Seph, the faster the better ;)
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    Re: Page loading slowdown due to proxy or firefox/chrome add-ons?

    Thanks for the information, man. I think add-ons where the reason YouTube started to lag terribly for me.



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