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How to mod NFS Shift 2 Driver Level
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    xCaLL Me Carboy

    How to mod NFS Shift 2 Driver Level

    Open your save into a hex editor and hit CTRL + F and set the type to text string and search for Points and keep hitting F3 until you see something like this

    Once you found it all you need to edit is the second mine is (4111) and third numbers mine is (85289)

    Both second set and third set plays part in your XP and when both are added it equals your current XP in the game

    Let's say I want LVL 5 and the XP needed for it is 13000 so I take my Second set in the hex editor and make it 3000 then add 10000 to my third set then save and I rehash the save and put it back on my xbox and load the game and the save up and see that I leveled up

    Sorry if this does not make sense I suck a** at making TUTs just good at doing it for myself

    *Note in order for you to get all the unlockables for each LVL I suggest setting your XP to 1 Below the XP needed for the next rank

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