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Just Cause 2 Hacking
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    Just Cause 2 Hacking

    [TUT]Just Cause 2 Hacking

    To start out this is not hard to do but I will explain each part to the best of my knowledge.

    Need: Hex Editor and a Rehashing program

    First off you need to know your money since it should be the highest value you have that will be found only 2 or 3 times in the save at most.

    1. Load up your Hex Editor(HxD I use most of time). Than load your save into it.

    2. Search for your money. Lets say my money is $525,376. I will come across a value around 0x0000D000 that is just the value displayed when you go to load the game. Search again and you should see another value.

    3. Change the value is 00 98 96 7F. If you look at the picture you can see what the end result will look like. 00 00 00 04 00 98 96 7F 00 04 should be what you see. There is a reason I am saying these extras.

    4. Now to hack your vehicle and weapon parts. First picture is for weapons part and the second one is for Vehicle parts. Now the 03 E7 is what you will enter into the values you have there instead. Remember to to make it look like this 03 E7 00 01 and 03 E7 00 03. I explain this a bit later if you want to read on.

    5. Now I explain what we are looking at here. If you notice the first picture I highlight before the money value. That is cause that 04 is how long the value is. Than we have the 4 bytes that the value is than 00 04 after the value. That is what I consider a locator value for when the game goes to load it up it knows what it is reading. Since the offset for these values are never the same for any 2 saves that is why it does it(I assume).

    Now if you look at the second and third pics the locators for them are 00 01 and 00 03 respectively. Which is weapon parts and vehicle parts. 00 05 is your current chaos in case you are wondering as well. So using this information you can learn the values of many things in the game and hack someone elses save after you have done your own.

    6. Rehash your save. Never forget this. Use whatever program you use.

    Credit Goes to MountaindewM

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