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How To Mod Blur
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Thread: How To Mod Blur

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    How To Mod Blur

    Things/Programs you need :

    1. Blur
    2. Blur Savegame
    3. Hex Workshop/or other
    4. Offzip/Packzip Ui
    5. Programm for Rehash/Resign
    6. Always make a Backup from your Save !!
    7. When it worked for you dont forget to click the shiny "thanks" button ^^

    When you have all these things lets start

    1: Play the Game untill you get some "Fans" ( Xp ) then at the end of a race you need to write down your current "Fans".

    2: When you have your current "Fans" Value open the Savegame "AMAXSAVE" in Offzip and Unzip it to a Folder on your Desktop or direct to your desktop.

    3: Now you need to find the File "0000d00c.dat" and open it in your hexeditor then you need to search for your current "Fans" Value in Hex you will find 2 offsets with your current Value change them both to 199999 = lvl 25 max ( in hex of course ^^ ).

    4: When you are done with it then click save in your hexeditor and close it.

    5: Now you need to inject the "0000d00c.dat" file back into your "AMAXSAVE" with Packzip with the following offset ---> 0x0000d00c .

    6: Then you are almost done :) the only thing left is that you need to Rehash/Resign your Save with your favorite Program.

    Credit Goes to dualla

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