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How To Mod Metro 2033
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    How To Mod Metro 2033

    First off, don't use these mods for your first playthrough; it's an excellent game and it deserves to be played through properly. :)

    1. Grab the user.cfg file from your Xbox HDD or Memory Unit

    2. Open up user.cfg in a con manager (I used Le Fluffe) and extract user.cfg to a folder of your choice (call it extract for the sake of this tutorial).

    3. Now open the extracted user.cfg in a text editor and add any variables you wish to :) I'm still looking through the xex for ones to play with, but here are some that I can confirm that work.

    g_god 1 (invincibility)
    g_unlimitedammo 1 (self explanatory)
    g_global_god on (makes enemies invincible, though I wouldn't know why you'd want to use this)
    Variables can be set to a positive or negative state by either using "1" & "0" or "on" & "off".

    4. Once finished adding the variables, save the file.

    5. Open up your con manager, open the main user.cfg and replace the older inner (3kb) user.cfg with the one you just modified.

    6. Now use the fix/rehash/verify function in your con manager to recalculate the blocks.

    7. Now replace the user.cfg file on your xbox HDD/MU with your newly modified one (at least 60kb in size).

    If you don't follow this tutorial correctly, the game will automatically generate a new user.cfg file which won't contain any of your modifications.

    Here's a vid of the mods in action.

    Credit Goes to novax

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    Re: How To Mod Metro 2033

    This editor is what I get when I pass that level, I lose the changes ... any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: How To Mod Metro 2033

    can you mod anything to do with the filters (inf filter use or something i keep running out above ground) along with mask condition (so mask takes no damage).

    Edit: @ jumanji72
    try editing the chapter save each new chapter it goes to it makes a new chapter save along with the quick save if you mod the quick save it will last for a while but if you mod each of the chapter saves and load those up one by one then it might work.

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    Re: How To Mod Metro 2033

    wow this is great, i will try it later

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    Re: How To Mod Metro 2033

    Cheat reset after change chapter...there is a solution to have god mod always on?.

    Maybe I have resolved.

    Infinite filters..is possible?.
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    Re: How To Mod Metro 2033

    Thanks for the TUT, might give it a try later.



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