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Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save
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    Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save

    I usually make my threads pretty but it's 5am and I'm tired. My sister is coming home for break soon which means EDF coop fun time. Thankfully, I learned a few things since then...*cough* hex editing game saves thanks to the community here.

    I started up the game, saved; then I beat a mission, saved. I compared the virgin save with the mission completed save and found the values I needed.

    "Legit" Achievement Guide:
    Here is how I would get 100% achievements without looking too shady. Just so you guys know when I played this game legit back in 06/07 with a play time of 72 hours, I had 7 levels of Inferno and 3 levels of Hardest left.

    * Unlock all levels EXCEPT the first level. (see screenshot below for more directions)
    * Unlock all weapons EXCEPT the last gun.
    * Beat easy by beating first level. Wait a day.
    * Beat normal by beating first level. Wait a day.
    * Beat hard by beating first level. Wait 2 days.
    * Beat hardest by beating first level. Wait 3 days.
    * Beat inferno by beating first level.
    * Beating inferno should unlock the last gun and you should get 2 achievements, but if not, manually unlock all weapons, beat a level and you got it.

    (for details read the description on the download page)

    Game Save #1 ("Max" Health/All Weapons/0% Missions) - DOWNLOAD #1
    Game Save #2 ("Max" Health/All Weapons/100% Missions) - DOWNLOAD #2

    HexWorkshop BookMark v1 - DOWNLOAD v1
    HexWorkshop BookMark v2 - DOWNLOAD v2

    * Reorganized bookmarks.
    * Corrected offsets for Weapons (earlier bookmark ran a little long and over into the Play Time offsets)
    * Added bookmarks for DATA 1-8
    * Added support for 100% mission completion

    General Directions/Notes:

    * Transfer gamesave EDFXSave
    * Extract EDFXSAVE.bin from EDFXSave
    * Open EDFXSAVE.bin with Hex Editor program
    * For Stamina, I just did "01010101" and I got lucky with a high value.**
    * **Note: There seems to be some multiplier shindig going on, so when I attempted to translate my desired decimal value into hex with the base calculator...didn't work out. A proper modder can prob figure it out how to mod exact values, but I'm not gonna pretend that I know what I'm doing other than that I can recognize patterns.
    * Same with Play Time: there is some multiplier going on, at first I thought it was part of the missions portion...so it gave me a ridiculously long and negative play time which froze my game when loading.
    * For Weapons just fill with "01" to unlock.
    * For Missions, same thing, fill with "01" to unlock. Note the mission pattern--see screenshot below.
    * Save
    * Inject EDFXSAVE.bin back into EDFXSAVE
    * Rehash/Resign

    Credit Goes to AoshichanX

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    Re: Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save

    I can't find a download link.
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    Re: Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save

    Thank you very much I hope I am able to get those download links!!!

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    Re: Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save

    There doesn't seem to be any links tied to this post. Unless they were removed. I wouldn't mind having the Bookmarks for Hex Workshop.

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    Re: Earth Defense Force - Hex Edit + Save

    6 year old thread and op has not responded which means they are not going to post links . sorry about that this thread is now closed
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