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star ocean just a question
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    star ocean just a question

    for star ocean the last hope there is a save ediotr for it is the gu who made ever gonna finish or can some else get it finished or if anyone has a save fully maxed with all item available at the item creation terminal on the calnus could someone post it if anyone can post it try to make it earth diffulculty or galaxy cuz i dont know if u can change the diffulculty with the save editor could anyone take a look :)?
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    cybersam sadly didn't release v3, which was supposed to contain tons of fixes that were there in v1 and v2.

    Even if someone wants to continue the project, they'd have to know the bugs first. I can still list the bugs if someone is willing to continue this project, but I don't think anyone wants to bother.

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    other editors versions
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