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How To Mod Midnight Club LA
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    How To Mod Midnight Club LA

    How to Mod Midnight Club LA-

    To edit your amount of money...

    1) open your save in any hex editor.

    2) Search for your current amount of money in hex. It will be in 2 locations.

    3) Edit the values to whatever you want. Max= $999,999,999 (3B9AC9FF in hex), I think this is the max you can have... Make sure to edit BOTH locations exactly the same.

    4) Save your file, then rehash.

    Credit Goes to JizzaBeez

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    crzy phrog

    Re: How To Mod Midnight Club LA

    is there a way to mod cars? like speed and colors?

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    Re: How To Mod Midnight Club LA

    If your serach progress it is the hex above the word.



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