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Legendary Modz
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Thread: Legendary Modz

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    Legendary Modz

    How to Mod Legendary, for the Xbox 360-

    This tutorial will show you how to max out weapon ammo, grenades, and molotovs to make them basically infinite ammo.

    1.) Open your save file in any hex editor. I use HxD which is free.

    2.) Do a Text-String search in the file for "GameContent" (without parenthesis).

    This is the section we will be editing.

    3.) Now look at where it shows the weapon name in text. Mine said "PandoraGameContent.HK_UMP".

    Right after the last text character skip 2 bytes (00 00), then on the 3rd, 4th and 5th bytes overwrite it with - "FF FF FF" this will max out how much the weapon will hold. It'll be like 16777215.

    Then, on the 6th, 7th and 8th bytes past the weapon name overwrite it with "FF FF FF". This will max out the amount of ammo in the clip. It'll show 777215. (so basically you'll get infinite ammo, or won't have to reload for a long time.)

    4.) Do the same thing for the second weapon listed.

    5.) Now to max out Grenades and Molotovs...Search down (in the same section) to where you see "04" in HEX. There should be 2 of these. You'll also see "C8" and "64" right around it. These represent how many grenades and molotovs you have. Change the bytes "04" (2 of them), "C8", and "64" to "FF". This will basically give you infinite grenades and molotovs.

    6.) Save your file after editing and rehash.

    7.) Load the save you just edited and you should have butts-load of ammo, grenades and molotovs.

    Credit Goes to JizzaBeez

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    Re: Legendary Modz

    Man I've been looking for payback on these dammed creatures.

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    Re: Legendary Modz

    Nice :D me like



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