*The Dishwasher Dead Samurai* (XBL Arcade/Xbox 360)

1.) Open your save file in HxD (or any Hex Editing program)

2.) Now do a text-string (not unicode) search for : <ecktoPhase> , there should be a number after this. This is how many of the Eckto (special powers) you currently have. You can edit the numbers to what ever you like. Max=9.

3.) Next look for the part that says : <expOrbs> , this is how many experience Orbs you currently have. You can change this number to whatever you like.

4.) Now, the last step. If you changed any of the values and added or subtracted more numbers (bytes) to the file you'll have to edit the size check block (I don't know where this is). Or...the easy way is to look at the part that says : <playSeconds> , and add or subtract the bytes here that you just changed above so the file size stays the same. You can also edit your "Level Scores" if needed.

5.) Now save your file.

6.) Open your file up in HBC and Re-Hash.

7.) Load and enjoy!

Credit Goes to JizzaBeez