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Old 360 and HDMI.
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    Anger Old 360 and HDMI.

    Hahahah... OK, so get this, guys. I was at Walmart, just grooving around the electronics section, when all of a sudden I ran into some decently cheap HDMI cables. Then I remembered that my TV crops the video from my 360, and that I had heard that the 360's picture can be set to detect the best resolution for the TV with an HDMI cable. Naturally, I bought one.

    So I hurried home with hopes of playing Reach and finally being able to see my compass. I pull into the yard, bolt into my room, grab my 360, then BAM! I notice that the HDMI port is not in plain sight. In fact, it isn't anywhere! A little worried, I jump online to look up where it might be located, and I see that is ought to be right next to my A/V port. Confused, I delve deeper, only to realize my worst fears: the HDMI port is only included in newer 360s, and in order to use and HDMI cable on an old console, you'd have to buy an adapter.

    Well, I've had this console for a long time (it was made in 2006, to give you a point of reference) and it's seen its fair share of use and abuse. It works great still (I had RRoD once, sent it to MS, got it fixed and shipped for free because of warranty). Should I consider buying a new 360, or just buying an adapter?

    I didn't buy the HDMI cable for a better picture, as I use the component cables and they work good enough; I bought it because I thought it would fix my screen cropping issue. I was able to fix it by changing to SD, but then the image got all blocky and choppy, and I guess it made me realize that I really enjoy HD. So I guess I do care about the picture, but I don't want better, I just want it to fit without sacrificing quality.

    My main concern is money. I don't want to spend money on something I don't need. If I were to buy an adapter, would the 360 still gain the option to detect the best resolution? If not, then I need a new 360. But I don't want to replace the 360 if it will work the way I need it to for a lesser price. So what should I do? You guys are experts, and you don't work for MS, so I can think of nobody better to ask.

    (Um, also, I already opened the package. Anybody know if Walmart will take it back? Prolly not, huh? ... ...)
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    Re: Old 360 and HDMI.

    I think you are ready for a new xbox360,lol.


    What about a new tv?


    I prefer this one lol

    Or.. get a jtag with hdmi :)
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    Re: Old 360 and HDMI.

    Well based on experience i have learned two things relevant to this:
    The xbox is far more likely to die when put under hdmi stress, the gpu will do it but if it was on the verge of dying its going to drop dead from the added strain, i have witnessed this countless times.

    It also enjoys being on its side as this allows heat venting from the top and bottom of the case as well as the back, this drastically improves the lifespan of a console especially when you apply basic modifications like new thermal paste, upgraded heatsinks and removing the clamps of uselessness (+2)

    That said an adapter is a different story but will the xbox even notice? My money is on no since it only seems to care about the end that connects to it and the switch attached to it, an adapter in this sense will probably ID itself as component for best quality possible and then adapt the signal for transfer over hdmi which considering what it has to work with probably won't be much improved.

    If anything aside from some basic thermal management tips and speculation on my end i don't have much info to offer beyond that you may want to consider some more screwing with your tv settings or just go ahead and replace the xbox, you would want to do everything in your power to keep it cool though.

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    Re: Old 360 and HDMI.

    The Component output is pretty good, just hang in there till it dies and get a new box.

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    Re: Old 360 and HDMI.

    HDMI are the best way, you have the sound with HDMi and only the Speaker on the TV or Monitor. I use one from Samsung 24inches BX series with 2x HDMI and sound output very good for me switch PC and xbox360.
    A Friend have a old RROD xbox and send this back to MS and have a new with HDMI and the funny part is a old 47Hitachi Drive, this is the best setup for a xbox360 ;)



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