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How to mod - Fairytale Fights
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    How to mod - Fairytale Fights

    Fairytale Fights - Xbox360

    Well, not really a tutorial but just to say that you can edit almost all of your stats in the game...

    -riches (money)


    -kill types


    -etc., etc., any stats you see in the game...

    1) open your PROFILE in a hex editor.

    2) then do a hex search for your current in-game stat value,

    For example: my Total Riches (money) = 1000000, so convert that to hex (Big endian/motorolla, and 4 bytes (Long)) = 000F4240.

    -Make sure it's a unique value so it'll be easier to find.

    -There are 2 sections in your profile with all the values, so it should be fairly easy to find and edit them.

    3) edit values to how you like. I'm not positive, but "7FFFFFFF" (in hex) may be the max before it starts rolling over to negative numbers. Just be sure not to edit too high a value or else it either won't work or it may result in a negative number...

    4) after editing, save your profile.

    5) now rehash your profile.

    6) transfer back to 360 and that's it!!!

    Credit Goes To JizzaBeez

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    Re: How to mod - Fairytale Fights

    i have this game thanks for the info.......



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