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    Re: Ninja Gaiden II TU3 +6 Trainer

    Thank macelosnp !

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    Re: Ninja Gaiden II TU3 +6 Trainer

    hi my problem, I did everything and all your instructions, when I give trainer launcher.xex it restarts aurora but up there when I enter the game nothing happens I did something wrong? or will not the trainer work? PLEASE REPLY!

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    Re: Ninja Gaiden II TU3 +6 Trainer

    Hi. It's been a while now. But the trainer is not running for me either. I can activate it, but it shows no effect. But 3 or 4 years ago it worked fine. Since I have a XBox 360 without internet, I don't have an updated version of NG2, compared to before. So why did the trainer run before and now it doesn't? Greetings Otter


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