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Blacklight Tango Down XP,Awards and Stats Modding
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    Blacklight Tango Down XP,Awards and Stats Modding

    in this tut i'll show you how to mod stats and awards
    Anyways, i've seen people with problems when modifying stats and awards.

    1. You can either take note of everysingle stat on your field locker or you can copy your profile and keep playing with it for things to be easier.

    2. Look for XP, Clan tag, or Blacklight tango down(in unicode string).

    3. Take a random stat, for example kills, i got 55, in hex is 37. If you dont find it, then it is unmoddable until you get a few more kills, etc.

    #To know if your stat is moddable you need to look under your clantag for a block of data with a lot of parenthesis, and all stats are 01 37 With this i mean that all stats first start with 01 and then the data, in this case 37 which is 55.
    #Do not put FF FF if the only data you can put is 01 37, it will corrupt it and lock everything and mess it all up.
    You can only do that for example with gametime 01 00 00 37 for example, you can put 01 00 FF FF

    You can mod any stats, but when I reach 256 kills and my stats change from FF to 101 i simply cant find them lol, anyways, i modded my headshots to 250 and almost everything else i could.

    I still dont know how to unlock weapon tags this way, i suppose you gotta put 249 and get a kill to get the headshots award?

    Personnel File stats cant be modded I think, but its in the profile...

    Credit Goes to PaisVasco

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