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[Cover letter] Xbox One Office Manager at Microsoft
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    [Cover letter] Xbox One Office Manager at Microsoft

    H~olla amigos! This job is exactly the position I've been looking for!

    Forget all the other biatches candidates for Xbox One customer service manager.

    • Organizing shit? check.
    • Calling numbers and shit? Doublecheck.
    • Customer support and shit? mega-check.
    • Faxing numbers and shit? MOTHERFLIPPING CHECK ALL OVER THAT.

    Don't believe me? check this shit out:

    • I am devilishly handsome: I was Prom king two years in a row with two different queens.
    • I am ridiculously smart (much smarter than albert Einstein) : i can solve any rubiks cube in front of your face with my magic fingers.I will bring one to prove it.
    • I have pinpoint accuracy: I killed a hawk once with a ninja star.
    • I am good for office morale: When someone cries I am all sympathetic and shit.

    Need my resume? Nope. Not when you got my FACTS!

    • I am honorable: I am the son of a librarian and a capricorn and shit.
    • I am brave: I fight crime on weekends. I don't wear a cape like superman/batman/spiderman.. yo that shit is for PIMPS.
    • I am dependable: Just call my name and i'll be there in a flashhh.

    I'll pop in tomorrow to get my paperwork all signed up around 11 am or whenever I wake up.
    No need for an interview, trust me you will love me. I got your address from google, because my internet research skills are the shit yo!
    I actually have been to a spa near your building before a few times so i already know the area... i guess.

    My best regards to your mother,

    PST. My favorite color is TOUPE because it rhymes with DOPE!!
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    Re: [Cover letter] Xbox One Office Manager at Microsoft

    lmao those are some awesome skills Seph
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    Re: [Cover letter] Xbox One Office Manager at Microsoft

    You can solve any rubiks cube by just looking at it :P
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    Re: [Cover letter] Xbox One Office Manager at Microsoft

    Quote Originally Posted by John Henry Eden View Post
    You can solve any rubiks cube by just looking at it :P
    lol nice.... one day !
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