-To Find Your XP :

1) Open your save slot-A.bin (or whichever slot you used) with any hex editor.

2) Go to offsets 0x0000E380 and 0x00013D00. Your XP is the first 4 bytes in each offset. You can also just search for your current XP, but these are the locations you will find it.

3) Then change the values to whatever you want in Hex. I think the max = 999999999 / "3B9AC9FF". Make sure to edit BOTH sections the same.

4) After editing, save the file then rehash.

Offset : 0x0000E380 (1st XP location)

Offset : 0x00013D00 (2nd XP location)

How to edit the game difficulty.

Go to Offset : 0x0000E930, the difficulty is the 4th byte from the left.

"00" = EASY

"01" = NORMAL

"02" = HARD

Offset : 0x0000E930

Note: You can change the difficulty after you already start a game. If you do it may still say the original difficulty on the save, but it will be easier or harder (whichever you choose). And I have noticed if you change the difficulty of a save during a checkpoint, next time the game auto-saves it overwrites to whatever difficulty you changed it to.

If anyone else knows any certain offsets or other locations please let me know so I can update this Tutorial. I know you can also edit all of your other stats like kills, etc. but I don't know the exact locations yet (I haven't looked).

Credit Goes to JizzaBeez