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Twisted Pixel is taking a page from the script of TV's Mystery Science Theater 3000 -- and its web heir, Rifftrax -- for some of the bonus content in its upcoming Kinect shooter, The Gunstringer.
Designer Dan Teasdale dropped the news on the developer's blog, saying that the team was inspired to create "full commentary for the entire game" by the spirited online riffing given to Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

"It's not just us talking about making the game," Teasdale says of the commentary. "Much like how some of the best Rifftrax are the ones that have special guests, we've asked some special friends of ours to comment on specific plays in the game." The identities of the guests may be a secret, but we already know one possible candidate: Troma's Lloyd Kaufman, who's already been signed to play the role of a reporter in the game's live-action sequences.

Of course, the developer could go all out and get the master of riffing, MST3K and Rifftrax's Michael J. Nelson, to contribute -- something sure to get fans of his work all MSTy-eyed. Whoever's involved in them, the commentary tracks will be unlocked using in-game currency, after which, Teasdale says, "you'll be given the option to turn on the soothing voices of either us, or (more likely) our awesome special guests!"