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Though it's possible you've been offered the opportunity to dress like a space wolf at some other point today, we were quite excited to be extended such a chance by the newly announced pre-order bonuses for Warhammer 40K: Space Marine.
Folks pre-ordering the forthcoming third-person space shooter at GameStop will get the hilariously named armor, as well as the "black templar chapter armor." A variety of other bonuses are available from several other retailers, detailed below the break.

Additionally, a "limited run" of the collector's edition seen above will be offered at retailers, going for $79.99 on PC and $89.99 on 360/PS3. Beyond the faux "Purity Seal" and artbook, Space Marine's collector's edition comes bundled in a box (shaped like an old book!) with the soundtrack, a pack of "character information cards" and the game itself.

Additionally, among the other ways you can currently get Darksiders for free, PC pre-orders at most retailers -- except THQ's own store, it seems -- will snag a copy of that alongside Space Marine.