Sales for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan have been disappointing to say the least, that’s not to say that they will remain that way, what with the quality titles that are destined to launch on the system later this year. However, Goo Rankings has conducted a survey asking Japanese consumers exactly what it is that’s stopping them from purchasing a Nintendo 3DS. Here’s the intriguing results:

* 1. Price is high/waiting for a price drop
* 2. Satisfied by DS/DSi
* 3. Worried about eye strain
* 4. Worried about getting sick from the screen
* 5. Few launch titles
* 6. Will buy once a game I want is released
* 7. Satisfied by cell phone and smartphone games
* 8. Satisfied by PSP
* 9. The battery is weak
* 10. It’s heavy and I don’t feel like carrying it with me
* 11. Can’t play Game Boy Advance games
* 12. The color I want isn’t available
* 13. Can’t play Game Boy games
* 14. I’ll save my money for NGP, thank you very much
* 15. Waiting for a version with a larger screen
* 16. Because you can’t move your DSi Points over
* 17. The buttons layout looks hard to use
* 18. No Famicom/NES in the Virtual Console
* 19. The zoom view for DS games is hard on the eyes
* 20. Waiting until my friend buys it

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