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The GO Series represents a unique alliance of Japanese developers coming together to release their Nintendo DSiWare games in Europe under one label. Some of the companies behind the GO Series had a hand in titles like Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Reverie and Let’s Tap, among others.

Encapsulating the fun of a variety of genres at cheap-as-chips prices (from just 200 Nintendo Points) this series of charming, unusual games has something to satisfy even the most nimble thumbs! Read on for a little taster of this quirky series, available on Nintendo DSiWare...

GO Series Picdun by Intense

Are you after a classic dungeon crawl where each step offers a new revelation? In GO Series Picdun you kit out with a sword and shield to explore a three dimensional dungeon on the Touch Screen – and your every step will reveal a top-down map view forming a picture on the top screen! There’s ample adventure to be had as you explore, bravely battle monsters and discover secret passages to reveal each dungeon level’s unique picture.

GO Series Ivy the Kiwi? Mini by PROPE

In this puzzle-based platformer designed by Yuji Naka (famed creator of Sonic) you guide newborn chick Ivy on a grand search for her missing mother as she follows her only clue: a trail of glowing feathers that will (hopefully) lead her home. By drawing vines with the stylus you can create paths for Ivy to walk on, catapults to fling her aloft or shields to protect her! With high production values, a quaint visual style and numerous fiendish levels, GO Series Ivy the Kiwi? Mini is a petite puzzle-platform feast, sure to delight all who love to have their brains and reactions tested.

GO Series 10 Second Run by G-Mode

If you’re looking for varied, intense, immediate gameplay you’ll find it in GO Series 10 Second Run! In this unique rendering of the classic platform game genre you control a tiny stick man who must strive to reach the goal within 10 short seconds – which would be easy if it weren’t for all the traps, enemies and dangerous hazards in the way. If at first you don’t succeed…use your infinite lives to try, try again.

GO Series EARTH SAVER by Tom Create

There’s a meteorite heading straight for Earth and our number’s up unless you use your skills to intervene in this puzzle / action game. It’s your job to land your spaceship on the meteorite and set explosives to chip it down to a size that will harmlessly burn up in the atmosphere. If you’re after a fast-paced, quick-thinking puzzle challenge, then planting bombs, engineering chain reactions and steering clear of aliens to save the planet in GO Series EARTH SAVER will be right up your galactic street!

The series is getting constantly updated so keep your eyes peeled for more games!