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The Call of Duty Elite news train keeps on keeping on, with UK paper the Guardian reporting that a premium membership will include "exclusive access" to a Call of Duty-themed web TV series.
"We have engaged some top Hollywood talent to create linear video content that will be exclusive to Elite members," Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg tells the Guardian. "That content is inspired by Call of Duty."

With Elite intended to maintain, or even increase, interest in the Call of Duty brand between its annual releases, some linear video programming could certainly help bridge that gap and keep subscribers coming back to Elite. "If you're a sports fan, there are lots of ways for you to connect with that hobby, that passion, not just on the day that the games are played, but throughout the week, and we wanted to give [Call of Duty players] real entertainment value," Hirshberg says.

And that's about all we have in the way of details. No word on whether the Hollywood talent Activision's procured will create live action, ala Find Makarov, animated, ala Halo Legends, or machinima content, ala John Hillcoat's excellent Red Dead Redemption short. Hirshberg says, "We're not going to give much more detail until we have something to show. That'll be later in the year."