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(MU) Caleb's Gears of War 2 Mod - Carmine's Revenge
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    (MU) Caleb's Gears of War 2 Mod - Carmine's Revenge

    This mod is made possible by the work done by Mojobojo in the Xex and TU4 update. Also to Anthony and Quickkill0 for their editor.

    Put the two files in the GOW2 folder, then add the TU4 to cache.

    To make this work on a jtag rip, simply copy the contents in the hacked files folder to your gears 2 jtag folder.

    Weapon mods:
    All ammo reserves have been upped to a good level. All small arms have been redone. Reload times have been changed to suit the weapon. Damage has been redone and upped for most weapons.

    Lancer is now a full SAW, 200 round mag and as fast as the grinder was stock. Chainsaw melee was 200 damage(WTF!!) so I put it to an instant kill like it should be. Reload is upped significantly

    Hammerburst rate of fire increased slightly, mag increased to 32 rounds. Damage upped to balance off the rate of fire difference with the lancer. Reload increased slightly. THIS WEAPON IS NOW CAPABLE OF HEADSHOTS!

    Gnasher has a reduced melee, 18 round mag and changed from lever-cocked to semi auto. Rate of fire increased, as was damage. Reload was increased to offset rate of fire.

    Longshot is now semi-auto with a 12 round clip. Damage is greatly increased to compensate for a high-damage rifle. Reload is increased slightly and un-scoped aim is decreased to the same level as the Lancer. Now the longshot becomes more of an automatic rifle.

    Boomshot has a larger clip, faster rate of fire, increased reload. Boomshot shell damage greatly increased for contact damage, reduced radius damage. Now boomshot shell explodes into 5 MIRVs.

    Torque Bow has a 9 round mag, 25 second timeout on wind-up, Greater contact damage and highly increased melee to accomodate the bow's blade. It also has higher direct explosion damage, and less of a radius.

    COG Pistol has a larger mag and very fast reload, as a pistol like this should. (CAN SOMEONE FIGURE OUT HOW TO GIVE IT A 3 ROUND BURST?)

    Grenades. All grenades now have a small blast damage. Ink has a longer release, smoke grenades fill the area up quicker, and frags are upped in damage. All ammo reserves are upped.

    Locust Pistol has a very fast reload, as a revolver should. High, high damage and a fast rate of fire.

    Flamethrower has an increased clip and reload. Damage is increased due to rate of fuel consumption increase.

    Heavy Mortar now has an 8 round mag and is capable of semi-auto fire. Dial in a distance and double-click to release the other 7 rounds at the same range. Reload is increased greatly. Undeployed mode now half-detonated the mortar at a shorter distance, so you get half the MIRVs and half the damage of a deployed shot. All deployed mortar rounds fire 10 MIRVs with increased splash damage. The mortar itself has a higher damage but a greatly reduced radius. The Locust use this to great effect in the final levels.

    Grinder has a magazine to fit the gun now. The grinder's speed is dramatically increased and the mag is increased to 3000 rounds. Aim view is increased in undeployed mode, and increased more in deployed mode. Spin up is reduced to a quarter of a second and active cooling works twice as fast. Damage is increased to what a gatling cannon should be. This is pure death!

    Locus burst pistol rate of fire and mag is increased. Damage is reduces slightly but the number of rounds in the burst are doubled.

    HOD damage radius decreased, but contact damage increased. Now able to be used for much longer. Recharge is slightly longer.

    Troikas are upped in spin-up and damage and the wind-up is decreased, wind-down increased. The rate of fire has been reduced.. The COG version of the chain gun turret now shoots like an old school M60.

    NOTE! Weapons are modded in both Campaign and Multiplayer. Each mode of gameplay uses the same values for all the weapons. Bewarned, the locust use then too!!

    Character mods
    All characters have increased health and other stats.

    COG Characters
    All COGs have something that make each unique. Some have more health, others are faster and some regen almost instantly.

    Dom and Marcus are about even in regen and health. Dom has slightly more health and a lower regen rate, while Marcus has a high regen rate and less health.

    Baird has the least amount of health out of all the cogs, but he has the fastest regen rate, which makes him almost regen to 100% instantly.

    Cole has more health than most of the other COGs, and a slightly longer time for his regen to kick in.

    Carmine has the highest health out of any of the COGs. He also has the longest regen time and lowest regen rate. He needs to be under cover for 3X as long as a normal COG and has 1/3rd the regen rate. But he has the most health of any other character. This is Carmine's revenge!!!

    Sergeant Hoffman has the second lowest health, only Baird is weaker. He has an average regen rate, but is the fastest out of all the COGs. Hoffman slows down to a normal walk when carrying heavy weapons, and runs like he is on speed all the other time.

    Dizzy has about the same health as Dom and Marcus, but a higher regen rate.

    Lt. Kim has increased health, but a lower regen rate than the average COG.

    Tai has almost as much health as Cole, but has a faster regen rate.

    Locust Characters
    I went a different way with the locust characters, as they have lots of different choices that are basically the same locust just reskinned two or three ways.

    Drones and Hunters make up the middle of the pack, with the Armored Hunter having alittle more protection and the armorless hunter having less than the base hunter. Fire Drones has a slightly higher amount of health, but are slower than the Drones or Hunters. Armor slows down the hunter slightly as well. They all have average regen rates.

    Kantus and the Theron guards have slightly less health than the Hunters, but make up for it in speed. The armored Theron has considerable more protection than the other characters in this group, with the unarmored Theron having the lowest health. They also have a slightly lower than average regen rate

    Skorge has slightly more health than the average Locust Monk, and has a slightly increased running speed. He also has an average regen rate

    Gen. RAAM has the most health of the locust and slowest regen, but is the slowest moving of the Locust.

    Snipers have the lowest health, the fastest regen rate and the fastest movement.

    Ver 1.4 Changes

    The centaur sucked for the most part..Epic really messed up that level...I made the centaur on par with a brumak in firepower. I upped the health of corpsers, brumaks and reavers...

    Brumaks have insane health, but are weak in the head. Corpsers, not so much.. I figure a huge cannon round to the mouth is really a one hit kill..Reavers can take a hit or two in the side, but they lose their riders. A hit to the head is mostly a one hit kill.

    I've balanced the gameplay on normal mode, which for this mod is the old hardcore.

    Single player done and balanced on normal play.
    Horde mode is balanced and ready to go.
    Balancing continues for multiplayer.

    I've started to convert the menus also with new text and information.

    Things to do.
    Clean up menu conversions and finish the text.
    tweak the weapons code
    Finish characters and balance the teams.
    Change the values for deathmatch types.


    I need people to play multiplayer over Xlink to see what needs balancing on the multiplayer maps.

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    Do you fight corpsers in GOW2?

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    Thanks for the upload caleb, great job!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jordanpower6 View Post
    Do you fight corpsers in GOW2?
    Yes....many of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pirknuts View Post
    Thanks for the upload caleb, great job!
    Thanks man...any suggestions?

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    very nice mod there caleb i used this a it's pretty epic :D

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    as soon as i get my jtag in a couple weeks this will be the first game i play. thanks for all the hard work.

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    Nice job on version 1.6

    The menu text looks good so far. The only thing I didn't really like when I was playing was how weak the shotgun was. Maybe make it a tad better.


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