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Considering the embarrassing regularity and bone-smashing severity with which the riders are ejected from their motorcycles, Trials might as well have been called ExitBike.
The tricky test of speed, momentum and balance is set to return to Xbox Live Arcade this year with Trials Evolution, a sequel to two-million seller Trials HD.

Finnish developer Redlynx claims that it took its time in "carefully planning and developing" the follow-up before making today's announcement. "We listened carefully to all the feedback we received from the previous game and added it to our own vision of what the ultimate Trials game could be, coming up with a gamer's wish list of must-play features," said creative director Antti Ilvessuo.

Judging by the teaser trailer posted after the break, it seems gamers no longer want to be alone in leaning just a little too far over the handle bars.