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The Pokemon franchise took a step into brawler territory back in November 2009, when the WiiWare download Pokemon Rumble launched and let players battle the popular pocket monsters in an all-new way.

Reaction to the title was a little mixed, as it was priced at a fairly steep $15 dollars and its gameplay was repetitive. But it was certainly fun for Pokemon fans, and I myself enjoyed playing it alongside a fellow Poke-fanatic all the way through to the end.

Now it looks like we'll get the chance to do it all again. Nintendo's just announced "Super Pokemon Scramble" for the 3DS, set to launch on July 28 of this year in Japan. The Scramble name became "Rumble" for us in the States, so it's safe to assume that we in America can expect Super Pokemon Rumble sometime after July.

The game looks to be very similar to the original. You'll take command of "toy Pokemon," which are wind-up toy versions of creatures like Pikachu, Tepig and Snivy. And though last time the selection of creatures was drawn from the franchise's first and fourth generations, this one looks to be pairing the original 151 from Red and Blue with the newest batch of monsters from Pokemon Black and White.