While that headline may sound like something that I would proclaim after a particularly difficult session of Team Meat's incredibly challenging game, it's also apparently the truth.

MTV Multiplayer did the footwork to figure out that Super Meat Boy is technically more difficult than fellow crazy indie platformer N+. How did they come to this conclusion? By checking the Xbox Live leaderboards for each.

According to Multiplayer, N+ has 404,014 registered players on Xbox Live, of which 8,901 have completed the final level of the game. Super Meat Boy has 111,274 registered players, and a mere 1,163 have finished the final level. Percentage-wise, that's 2.2 percent of players who have completed N+ versus 1.04% for Super Meat Boy.

It's also worth noting, of course, that N+ has been available since 2008, giving it plenty more time to accrue purchases and for players to complete it. That extra two years may be just enough to give that percentage point lead of completion over Super Meat Boy.

Regardless of their difficulty and how few people have actually finished either of these games, both N+ and Super Meat Boy are freakin' awesome and deserve to be checked out. I'm just happy this kind of super-challenging, old-school platformer still exists in some form.