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Maybe Nintendo should of held back the eShop even longer, as it appears there is a slew of issues. Enough of the issues are serious enough to warrant possibly avoiding the eShop until they patch it. For some users, not all, the eShop is not crediting their credit cards properly. The card gets charged and it shows up on their statements, but their account doesn't actually receive the credit and they are unable to purchase anything. That's a pretty big problem, and is something that shouldn't be making it live - even if it's not an issue for everyone.

That's just the tip of the iceberg in talking about what's wrong with the eShop. The 3D trailers available to download are very poor quality. Most of them of are pixelated badly, which shouldn't be an issue for prerendered content. In addition, it's like someone is holding a hand over the speakers when trying to listen to them. Even at full blast, the audio is barely audible, and what you do hear sounds muffled.

These issues are not happening for everyone and Nintendo is yet to comment on the matter. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.