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Final Fantasy XIII Versus For 360???
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    Final Fantasy XIII Versus For 360???

    Hi guys,i heard allot about this game and think this one is awesome :D.
    i also heard it will be exclusive for ps3, next they where saying to think about releasing it for 360 console.this was old news and could not find Anny conformation about it.

    anny one on here maybe knows if it will be exclusive for ps3 or maybe on the 360?
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    Versus has been confirmed for ps3 only but there hasnt even been a release date announced so anything can happen. wait for E3
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    Well they said by the fall of 2011 it should be here but not for the 360.
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    will square enix's long-in-the-making final fantasy versus xiii follow the lead of its predecessor and make the leap from the ps3 to the xbox 360? Probably... Err square enix is "looking into it," according to the company's president.

    Yoichi wada told attendees at an investors meeting today in tokyo that, despite claims that the more action oriented final fantasy versus xiii would be "ps3 only worldwide," the publisher may consider a multi-platform release. But there's some "looking into it" to be done, so don't expect an announcement of that sort until closer to the game's next major unveiling.

    Hey, it only makes sense, considering the hundreds of thousands of copies of final fantasy xiii that square enix sold on the xbox 360. It's just business, nothing personal.
    I hope it will be released for the xbox360 too so we can start modding the Sh*t out of the game lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sephiroth View Post
    I hope it will be released for the xbox360 too so we can start modding the Sh*t out of the game lol.
    And that would be the main reason I would pick her up on XBox over PS3
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    Although Square Enix has stated this game was exclusive to the PS3, they never stated if that was worldwide or Japan only. FFXIII was supposed to be PS3 only, but it hit the Xbox, so, maybe this will happen, too.

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    Smart money says Japan PS3-only, NA/EU Multiplatform IMO

    They are making a FFXIII-2 because NA wants it and there are more 360s. If Versus didn't come out on 360, I'd be surprised.



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