New hub world chapter, levels coming next month.

Team Meat has revealed that a new hub world chapter is coming to the Xbox Live and PC versions of Super Meat Boy, along with an online portal for PC.

The online portal will catalog all user-created maps, and would allow players to rate them and sort them by various criteria.

The new hub world chapter, called "Super Meat World," will unlock in front of The Forest chapter once the player has collected 20 bandages. The world will let Team Meat upload new levels and put levels in specific to hidden characters in game. On the PC, the chapter will also get an "Enter the Unknown" area that has a playlist of random, high ranked custom maps that can be chosen by the difficulty level.

Team Meat did confirm that "The Internets" on XBLA will continue to be updated with "all compatible user made level packs that we deem 'awesome.'"