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Speaking to GAME Watch, Valhalla Game Studios head and apparent light sensitivity sufferer Tomonobu Itagaki offered a bit more clarification to the release window for his new action game, Devil's Third.
He said that it won't be ready until early 2013. That narrows it down a bit -- we knew it was sometime in either 2012 or early 2013. Itagaki said that the game is 100% complete in terms of mechanics, but only "20-30%" done as a complete product.

Devil's Third's multiplayer mode is currently playable, Itagaki said, and the team is working to boost the maximum player count to 32, at which point he will feel they have "done a good job."

Itagaki is also considering a Wii U release, which is hardly surprising -- judging by the third-party sizzle reel, publisher THQ is deeply into the platform. Itagaki himself thinks the Wii U is a good idea for Japanese homes without space for multiple televisions, and is "very excited" about possibly getting his game onto the new console.