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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has inadvertently announced that popular online video streaming service Netflix is coming to the Wii U. Whilst Netflix themselves have yet to comment on what we can expect of the service on Wii U, it’s rather apparent given the systems horse power that we should expect full 1080p movies streaming on the device.

Of significance is Iwata’s stance that the Wii U and its new tablet controller will completely revolutionize the way we interact with our TVs and multimedia experiences within the living room. Throughout our hands-on preview with the Wii U, we noted that the Wii U would need to do more than just be a powerful gaming system on par with the PS3 and Xbox 360 – it needs to be a multimedia hub.

Based off the company’s experience with the Wii’s channels, DSi and 3DS’ non-gaming functions, I think it’s safe to assume that the Wii U will be used for a variety of non-gaming tasks – such as video chatting, browsing the Internet and maybe even pounding out a few emails.