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It's a situation that the non-sporting chapter of the games community is likely familiar with -- you stop by your local GameStop on an early fall evening to grab a copy of some non-athletic title therein, but are prevented from crossing the building's threshold by an impenetrable wall of Madden enthusiasts.
We've got great news for folks living in the vicinity of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport: EA plans to open an EA Sports retail location in said airport's terminal, potentially limiting your run-ins with prospective wedgie-executors.

News of the store's construction came from EA Sports VP of brand marketing Chris Erb, who told Forbes the megapublisher hopes the retail location will be the first of three stores opening across the nation. No details were given on where the other two locations will be planted, but we suggest they take their business to a place that's a little more accessible than an airport terminal. You know, like literally any other place on the planet.