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The What You Got For Xmas Thread
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    The What You Got For Xmas Thread

    Thread header says it all.

    Girlfriend got me x360 kinect and Sonic Freeriders.
    Mother got me a new awesome electric shaver, smellies (aftershave etc) and some nice sexy t-shirts.
    Gf's mother and father got me some awesome jeans, and a nice sexy Sonic t-shirt (I'm sure most of you know i <3 Sonic)
    Grandfather gave me £130.
    Aunt got me more smellies.
    and i treated myself to a sexy rolex watch.

    I didn't ask for anything, Don't like receiving gifts from others.

    Anyway what did the community members get?

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    I got a new TV, not huge but a 32" lcd, which isn't bad, saves me ruining my eyes trying to read the text in most games that are released these days. Got a nice Detriot leather jacket and a 40oz of vodka as well. The best gift though was from my five year old neice, she made a reindeer flowerpot in school, and while everyone was giving it to their parents, she wanted to give it to her cool uncle. :p
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    i got
    1: 24 inch led lcd plasma
    2: 12 month gold membership
    3: Xbox360 Black Wifi Conector
    4: And a head Set For Xboxlive
    5: Alien Ware Lap Top

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    My haul was pretty light, but I am still happy with it.

    Transformers Decepticons hat.

    Jimi Hendrix T-shirt.

    Rush CD "The Spirit of Radio: Greatest Hits 1974 - 1987"

    Not bad, kinda cheap, but not bad. The Rush CD really made my day, since I didn't have much of their older stuff on actual disc (just a bunch of MP3s). The CD sounds really good in my truck, too.

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    I got a rock...

    No, but seriously. I gave my girlfriend my Acekard2i (DS) so my friend decided to get me an Acekard2 so I wouldn't have to go without. Girlfriend got me some modeling clay, Playdoh (for rough drafts), a 64 pack of crayons, a Tangled coloring book, a couple drawing books (in case nobody could tell yet, I love art), the last of her hydrocodone (I've been having really bad headaches lately), some s'mores fixin's, and a really nice shoulder massage. Her parents gave me pajamas (her family gives each other pajamas as a kind of gag gift every year). Mom got me some Old Spice deodorant. Grandma bought me a big burger from Whataburger. Aside from the Acekard2, my friend helped me bling out my DS.

    The bad news? My dad died on Nov 30, so it was the first Christmas without him. But, life goes on.
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    Kind of light here as well but why not and yes i know kind of late but meh

    Cast Iron Skillets
    Arkansas Sharpening Stones
    Wüsthof 8" Chef’s Knife
    Miscellaneous Tools (rachet sets, etc)



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