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[Release] [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V2.0.0.5
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    [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V2.0.0.5


    Ok, After almost 2 months of hard research,coding and hacking the tool has finally reached its first public stage.
    Currently there is not much, but should be enough to get you guys accupied while i work on the next updates.

    There are some flaws known...Like :
    *Adding too many items (like 800 or more) will cause the inventory to place some items in the wrong section, it will therefore freeze or crash your game while trying to do something with a misplaced item.
    I suggest you keep it safe and add only items you need.

    *a few other thing i think, but all the issues are being worked on , and will eventually be fixed.

    Feutures :
    *Edits PS3 SaveData
    *Edits XB360 SaveData
    *Stat Legit calculation
    *Slot extracting
    *Slot Replacement
    *Inventory Editor
    *Database manager (allows adding items or resort them)
    *Mod save directly from usb (XBOX360 Only)
    *Mods save Directly from FTP (For PS3 & XB360)
    *Equipment Editor

    And More!

    WIP :
    #Parameter Editor, will do allot of fun stuff, its allready being developed, just not finished yet.
    #Inventory editor will be fixed to support adding all items if desired.
    #other things i dont remember now:P

    1) Load your gamesave via the left tab menu. You can load it from your PC, USB or FTP [modified console only].
    2) Select the slot you wish to modify and press 'Load [Charactername]', you will be shown the characters current stats and are free to edit them.
    3) Modify your current equipment if you want by pressing the 'Equipment' tab on the left menu and then double clicking each slot you want to modify.
    4) Your inventory can be modified by dragging items from the database on the left, to the right, to change sections click the icons at the top, they match the game icons.
    5) When you have finished modifying your save as you see fit, press 'Save Changes' on the left menu.
    6) Your save will be updated and returned to wherever it was loaded from, you will be told when this is complete.
    7) Play.

    *Fixed Equipment (Accept some of the beltslots)
    *Improved Item Sorting (does not fully fix the item section misplacement)
    *Fixed Slot Identification
    *Added Total time played in slot selection (View Only)
    *Fixed Saving while Legit stats calculation is enabled
    *Fixed bug in Usb Manager
    *Added Database updater, updates database if necessary
    *More Bug Fixes!


    *Fixed Inventory Reading
    *Added option to switch to ItemBox
    *Changed Slot data management, will bring us some nice new feutures in the next updates!
    *Updated Database structure, new version must be downloaded inorder to use it.
    *Added Item Corruption warning when a item is flaged as "may corrupt", the item corruption flag can be changed in the database section.
    *improved souls memory calculation.
    *Allot of other Bug fixes!


    *Inventory QuickFix


    *Fixed Slot Detection.
    *Fixed Values out of range
    *Improved Equipment UI
    *Changed Slot Menu to somthing nicer IMO
    *Added Tools to Replace or Extract Stats,Inventory,Build or Game progress
    *Added Tools to Copy
    stats,Inventory,Build or Game progress to another character
    *Improved Code for slot replacement/extracting
    *Improved DSII Data management
    *Fixed Torch Time Editor
    *Fixed Gestures dissapearing
    *Allowed for souls memory editing
    *Added new Database section for all ignored items, ignored items are items not used by game, or may already be ingame by default, those items are ignored by the inventory editor, but can be removed from that section anytime in the database section.
    *Fixed and improved some of the equipments.
    *Allowd for mutiple spell adding, also spell uses will be default like ingame unless other specified.
    *Allot more bugfixes!


    *Fixed Corruption For Xbox360 users related to the STFS Isseu
    *Changed Inventory management, will cause the inventory of non edited character not to change.
    *Improved Ps3 Ftp Manager, and added more supported TitleID's
    *Fixed tool crashing if server is unreachable
    *Improved Performance of overal loading/saving
    *Fixed Ps3 file not found when trying to save
    *Improved Equipment indexing...(Stil not perfect ^_^")
    *More Bugfixes!

    NOTE!: This Update may bring up new bugs, please report them at 360haven by pm or the supported Thread, try to explain the bug as clear as possible with all the steps taken by you!


    *Fixed some bugs related to the equipment that caused freezing when when non is set
    *Improved Item Writing method
    *Improved Multi Threaded operations.
    *Added the ability to change your desired DB language, Some languages do not have all items, instead english will show.
    Changing the language needs to be done inside the Database Section.
    Supported Languaged:
    English,Chinese,France,Polish,German,Russian,Protu guese,Spanish,Korean,Japanese,Italian.
    *And More!


    *Fixed Database promping for update when not needed.
    *Fixed Items showing in the wrong section InGame,Game uses weard approach that i managed to reproduce.
    NOTE! Keys may still show up in the item section ingame, simply Quit the game and reload, and all items should be placed accordingly!
    *Fixed Corruption caused when file is modded from usb.
    *Added Warnings for conflicted usb managers.
    *Changed Saving progress that will allow you to keep editing your save while saving.
    *Added UI that will allow you to set your stats to the required values for banned modders to still do pvp.
    *Added the possibility to Duplicate Items,Shards and Arrows.
    *Added Automatic USB detection when device is inserted/removed.
    *Added the possibility to change your gestures.
    *Added the Possibility to(Un)lock or max out covenants.
    *Improved PS3 Saving, saving changes should be fixed now.
    *Fixed replacing Userslot that causes the gameprogress to not change along.
    *Changed User Slot Extraction data , it now include the current gameprogress.
    *Fixed Replace/Extract/Move Gameprogress from the tool section.
    *Enabled the Tool to recognize your last set up Database language,it will load that language as default.
    *Fixed Item Upgrade not changing when edited.
    *Cleaned up some messy UI, and background threading.
    *And More!


    *Fixed Covenants Ranking
    *Fixed Parameter file not loading with the latest DSII Update
    *Added Drag and Drop for PS3 and XBOX360 Saves
    *Changed Gesture Selection into something more pleasant
    *Changed Equipment Selection into something more pleasant
    *Drawing Extra image on the equipment item chooser to show whether item is equiped or not
    *Optimized code for better performance and less errors
    *Added Warnings to make sure that not too many items of the same kind get added, to prevent the game from acting weard
    *And More!


    *Added new STFS Fixer, to allow you to fix your corrupted xbox360 save when updated to latest callebration.
    *Fixed Equipment Editor, you can now enjoy the awesome equipment interface for easy management.
    *Fixed allot of bugs in inventory browser, works much more pleasant now.
    *Added new Flag to the database, named as "CanHaveMoreThenOne".
    That flag works only for the beltslot items, disabling the flag in the database section would make the item act as a single item.
    Note! older Databases are rendered as unusable!
    *Improved DB Reading, much faster now.
    *Fixed the Equipment arrow editor to only show the proper items for the clicked slot.
    *Updated Assembly to .Net Framework 4.5!
    *Cleaned unused references, and code
    *Fixed all the bugs known!


    *Fixed bug in equipment.
    *Fixed bug in usb saving.
    *Fixed Hallow level UI Freezing
    *Fixed inventory itembox adding.
    *Added option to enable/disable item propertie viewer in inventory editor.
    *Fixed crash when tool restarts after updating.
    *Improved Update thread operations.
    *Fixed DataBase multiple download when its corrupted, one time should be enough :P
    *Downgraded .Net to 4.0 instead of 4.5, to help out xp users!


    *Created new STFS Manager, hopefully fixes the most corruption caused for xbox360 users.
    *Updated tool to work with Latest path 1.06 (only tested ofline!)
    *Added new DLC items.
    *Updated Database structure to allow dlc items.
    *Updated language file structure to allow updating.
    *Added the option to disable item duplication on the inventory page
    *Added Option to diable DLC Item Adding.
    *Fixed Some error caused by the STFS fixer.
    *Updated DB Item Images with real colors and transparancy
    *Fixed switch from Inventory to ItemBox, or the other way arround where items would be added to the wrong Item Storage.
    *Fixed Database saving
    *Much more bugfixes!


    *Fixed Invalid Parameter Error
    *Fixed a few more Errors in the stfs Package
    *Added DockControls for the loaded userslot, you can view as docked Document,and Undock, or Dock them to where you want.
    *Changed the Saving from slot to save only the slot where its pressed, and leaves the other slots alone, unless the 'Save All Slots' is used.


    *Fixed STFS: Reference to illegal Number error


    *Fixed STFS manager (Hopefully)
    *Changed STFS Fixer to allow you to choose your files, and remove corrupted if you want.
    *Changed Database to a static container, for faster and asier item management.
    *Linked All changes to each other, it will update everything realtime when you change something.
    *Fixed and improved spell Equiper, now shows only the slots availible, just like ingame.
    *Updated Database with 8 more dlc Items.
    *Added the ability to reload the database at will.
    *Improved loading speed, loads Database only when it have to.
    *Added the ability to drag items from the Database tab to the inventory, handy when working with dockable Tabs.
    *Fixed more bugs in Inventory manager.
    *Removed the big Buttons in the inventory page to preserve space, and relocated them elsewhere.
    *Added more usefull features like : Add all dlc,Own All Items,Wipe inventory and a few more.
    *Added message to perform the task when 'prevent duplicates' or 'prevent dlc' is enabled.
    *Changed Progressor to static,and linked it to all tasks.
    *Changed the mainpage to a dockable container.
    Slots can now be undocked or docked elsewhere.
    *And much more!


    *Added inventory info button to check how many items you have of each type.
    *Improved data writing to match the game method as much as possible.
    *Fixed a bug where gestures and keys could end up in the same list.
    *Fixed bug where alocating datablock could refer to a unused or invalid block.
    *Fixed some progress managements.
    *Updated Database structure to contain more item flags,like time added,dlc version and few others.
    *Added "Crown of the Old Iron King" DLC.
    *Updated Language files with new dlc items.
    *Fixed language files downloading when version does not match the main database version
    *Removed 'Prevent duplicates' and 'preventdlc' from the inventory page.
    *Added Setting page where you could edit your desired preferences.
    *Removed message to ask wether you want all tabs docked, those preferences are now adjustable in the setting page.
    *Improved loading speed while loading graphical userinterfaces, they are now initialized when slot is selected.
    *Added the 'NEW' painting to the item image when item is less then a week old.
    *Changed Backup system, backup is now mandatory, they will be created with filename[datetime created] inside the specified backup directory.

    As usual,Enjoy,Donate if possible and report any bugs found!

    NEW Version!

    *Implemented Login/Registration System
    *Implemented New Donation System
    *Updated User Interface.
    *Optimized and cleaned code
    *Many Many More!

    This build is a start of something new.
    Anything below this version will not be supported.

    As usual,Enjoy,Donate if possible and report any bugs found!

    About Version!

    Dark Souls II Save Editor By Jappi88

    Thanks to:8Ball, Idlehands88,Sephiroth,Cybersam,Redemption213,Origi nalBoss

    This tool enables you to modify your Ps3 or Xbox360 save data.
    It does not require any third party app, unless your usb device is not supported by the program.
    This program is purely design to edit your save data for offline usage... if used online then a ban would be your own damn fault.

    I do not condone online cheating, nor abusing other gaming experience and i'm not responsible for any damage you might cause to your self or others
    Please use this tool with caution.

    The new version brings a new system that will be used for any advanced program.
    The system is designed to bring ease to any user, and especially to me when making updates.
    It is needed because there are too many leechers who didnt show any appreciations.
    The tool has been used by more then 14000 users, and only 250 of them could give a proper thanks.
    Thats actually a pretty bad insult considering the time and effort i put into my tools...

    That era is gone, only registered users are now able to use and profit from all the nice features that will come.
    The system includes a donation method that allows you to donate any amount you want.
    All donations will be received and processed automaticly.
    This tool will be all free, but only requires you to donate for the DLC items.
    If you wish to use the first dlc then 1$ is required, first and second will be 2$ and all three requires you to donate 3$.

    The 3th dlc will be added once it has been released.

    Since version is registration required.
    You can use the account for any other tool from now on.
    After you have registered, you will be able to send bugs to me, check your donations, view the app information,recieve updates and so on.
    The account will be bound to the system you registered on.
    If you log in from another OS then your account will be suspended until you activate it.
    Whenever your account gets activated , the OS you performed the task on will be your default OS.
    Each time you switch from Machine , you will need to reactive the account.

    There will be no sensitive data stored whatsoever.

    Every donation you will make will be stored and rewarded with exclusive features.
    If you don't get rewarded enough in this tool, then you will get compensated in the next one.
    This will keep me motivated, and ensures that you guys always get the best stuff you deserve.
    Its true that some might find this stupid, like always ...
    but they are not restricted in using this tool, infact, everyone will be able to use any of my tools, but it might be limited in some parts.
    Show your appreciation and ill show mine!

    If you already made a donation then you can contact me with your payment details and ill adjust your account.
    Be sure to contact me using the program.

    To be able to use anything from the tool , you would need to login first.
    Before you can login you will need to register and activate your account.
    After successful login, you will be able to use the tool as you where used to.

    The only thing that has changed as of the usage is the donation part to use the dlc items.

    All copyrighted content is the property of its respective owner. The author(s) & software have no affiliations to anyone unless specifically stated.
    This software is non-profit and for personal use at the user's discretion for the purpose of modifying their savegame files associated with the game, unintended usage is strictly prohibited.


    *Fixed error when trying to save.
    *Fixed some misspelling.
    *a few other minor fixes.


    *Fixed Bugs while reading some of the saves messed up by the latest DSII patch.
    *Fixed Bugs while reading some of the saves messed up by the latest DSII patch.
    *Fixed some bugs while trying to load from usb.
    *Changed USB Loading interface to always show a floating usb loader.
    *and more fixes i dont remember.
    *Fixed file not found while trying to save in ps3mode.
    *Fixed some other bugs related to saving from usb.
    *Made the Profile/Unlockables display whenever a new donation is recieved, to ensure that the donator recieves what he deserve.


    *Made Login Optional (Login is required to use exclusive features)
    *Fixed some bugs with equipments (I'm afraid not all)
    *Fixed some bugs in inventory
    *Fixed some bugs in database GUI
    *Increased Time out connection.
    *Updated DLC items to allow quantity

    Keep in mind guys that this update should solve allot of bugs but i'm afraid not all.
    Please keep posting bugs if you find them and il make sure to fix them.

    Please note that some bugs needs a lil more time! im aware of them , and will fix them all ASAP!

    Online play with modified saves is not supported and liable to incur a ban from Dark Souls II online services.
    Neither this software nor it's author(s) encourages usage specifically to manipulate your online experience and are not responsible for any damages and/or loss of access incurred from usage.
    Please note bans extend beyond a single character and restrict your entire account, your decision to ignore this warning is yours and yours alone.

    Pease Consider a Donation for all the hard work put into it, and the much support that comes along with it.


    [Those Files go into the Resources Directory created by the tool]
    DataBase Direct Link -> https://epic.360haven.com/devs/publi...33fbfc993ac3a3
    ItemTypes Direct Link - > https://epic.360haven.com/devs/publi...d7e5ecc09f0243

    DOWNLOAD VERSION (No Longer supported)[/HIDE-REPLY]

    Free Tool + All resources and Source Code
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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Really nice will be trying it out right now.

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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Saweet, will report any problems I run into. Thanx again Jappi

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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Nice release Jappi, looking forward to checking this out
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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0



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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    great work Jappi88 i no you have put a lot of time an effort in this editor.just hope members will respect that.
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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Thanks so much Jappi! Glad you decided to release it! Quick question, is online play going to be a possibility in the future or did FromSoft make this impossible? I'm not sure if you or anyone else knows why saves get caught/corrupted but I have a feeling it's to do with the calibrations that happens every time you start the game.
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    Re: [PS3/XB360]Dark Souls II Save Editor V1.0.0.0

    Quote Originally Posted by TheOpal View Post
    Thanks so much Jappi! Glad you decided to release it! Quick question, is online play going to be a possibility in the future or did FromSoft make this impossible? I'm not sure if you or anyone else knows why saves get caught/corrupted but I have a feeling it's to do with the calibrations that happens every time you start the game.
    FROM makes checks every 72 hours, so you can still play online as long as you be subtle with your modding, Soul Memory makes it slightly difficult to connect with players.
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