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FCE360 Beta v0.3 New nes emu for jtags!
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    FCE360 Beta v0.3 New nes emu for jtags!

    FCE360 Beta v0.3
    >> Ced2911 released the open-source FCE360 Beta v0.3, a NES emulator for JTAG/Homebrew 360s.
    It's based on on the FCEUX emulator for PCs. There are just some sound optimization required, but besides that everything works fine.
    The emulator has an ingame menu for changing ROMs and also comes with support to Load/Save with several slots.

    Official Site: http://code.google.com/p/fce360/
    Download: n/a (built with XDK)
    News-Source: xbox-360.logic-sunrise.com
    Discuss this news item on our forums: forums.xbox-scene.com
    Thanx to xboxscene.com for the info.
    Can be found on xbins. If anyone downloads it please tell me if it has game cheats, Artwork, Boxart, Screens, VGMaps, Commercials, Gameplay video, GameFAQs, and scans of Manuals. please
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