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We've given up trying to understand. Zumba Fitness is back atop the UK charts this week, a position it's enjoyed several times before.
This latest ascension for Zumba was thanks to a 51 percent increase in sales of the Wii version. Chart-Track doesn't provide an explanation for the sales boost ... probably because some things just can't be explained.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time for 3DS enjoyed a second place debut on the charts, with around 20% of UK 3DS owners buying the title during its launch week. Duke Nukem Forever sales slipped 58 percent and the title drops two spots into third place for its second week at retail -- this hasn't quite been the glorious comeback for Nukem.

Other premieres last week were Dungeon Siege 3 and Alice: Madness Returns, which charted at ninth and 13th, respectively. Child of Eden, the Kinect-enabled sensory experience appreciated by critics, debuted in 25th. Taste the purple of the UK top ten after the break.