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Next StarFox to return to its roots
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    Next StarFox to return to its roots

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    Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed to Gamespot that he wishes to return the StarFox franchise back to its roots. Miyamoto told the gaming publication that he feels the StarFox franchise managed to lose its way with games such as Rare’s Gamecube title StarFox Adventures. Now, Shigeru Miyamoto wants StarFox returning back to its Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 roots. Is this something you would like to see, or are you after some more StarFox Adventure style titles?

    “Well, for me personally, I have an idea that I wanted to kind of bring Star Fox back to its origins,” said Miyamoto.

    “So obviously over the years we’ve done different things with the Star Fox franchise, things like Star Fox Adventures and whatnot''.

    “But one thing that I really wanted to do was to bring it back to where it originally came from, which was that kind of romantic idea that guys have of flying a kind of fighter jet or a spaceship and doing battles in air, like Top Gun.”

    “So I think there are a couple of things, and one is that the original Star Fox 64 came out now 14 years ago. So obviously kids nowadays haven’t experienced that game, and the same I think could be said for Ocarina of Time. It’s a tough balance. You can’t make everything at once.

    “We felt that it would be better to take the original game and revamp it in 3D with some new features so that people can experience that again, if they’ve already played it. Or they can experience it for the first time and we would be able to get the games out more quickly, rather than necessarily trying to create a whole new game from scratch, from the ground up.”

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    Re: Next StarFox to return to its roots

    i would like if they would return it to its roots, didnt really like star fox adventures
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