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Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor
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    Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    How to use:
    1) Grab AUTOSAVE from your device (\Content\*ProfileID*\4541092A\00000001\)
    2) Open save (do not extract beforehand) and edit to your liking
    3) Save (CRC and STFS security will be repaired automatically)
    4) Transfer save back to your device and load

    Q: In the checkpoint load menu, the edits I've done do not show in the summary window

    A: The displayed values in the checkpoint load menu are stored differently in the data. Once in-game, changes can be seen

    Q: I edited my BLUE GEMS but the changes aren't applied in-game

    A: Although blue gems CAN be edited, the game looks to see if you've beaten the appropriate bosses to earn those gems. I haven't found how this is flagged in the save data and since the game is pretty simple as it is, it's unlikely I'll look further into this. Suck it up

    Q: I edited my ammo but it's a lower amount in-game

    A: Editing ammo works but for some reason the game recounts the ammo at a fairly slow rate. Have patience, it'll get up there eventually

    Q: Do I need to re-hash/re-sign afterward?

    A: No.

    Report bugs & enjoy

    Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor.zip
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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    Thanks for your time and effort into making this much appreciated

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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    thanks, will try it out...
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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    thanks for this........

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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    thanks very much, I'll try.

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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    great job will test soon i have 1 achievement left in dungeon siege and will try. thanks for all the work u put into it

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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    good job thank you

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    Re: Shadows of the Damned - Save Editor

    Works perfectly. Thank you.
    Just have to re-edit every now and then, because at max amounts, some things get reset, like white gems, but no problem at all.


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