Here is a list with all error codes for the PSP

0x80020002,not implemented
0x80020032,illegal exception code
0x80020033,exception handler not use
0x80020034,exception handler already used
0x80020035,system call table not use
0x80020036,system call table alraady used
0x80020037,illegal system call table
0x80020038,illegal Primary Syscall number
0x80020039,Primary Syscall number already use
0x80020064,call from interrupt handler / thread
0x80020065,illegal INTRCODE
0x80020066,CPU already interrupt disable
0x80020067,Handler already exist
0x80020068,Handler not found
0x80020069,illegal interrupt level
0x8002006a,illegal address
0x8002006b,illegal Intr Handler Option Paramsize
0x8002006c,illegal stack address
0x8002006d,already stack address set
0x80020096,not found free Hard Timer
0x80020097,illegal timer ID
0x80020098,illegal source
0x80020099,illegal prescale
0x8002009a,Hard Timer in use
0x8002009b,Hard Timer not setup
0x8002009c,Hard Timer not in use
0x800200a0,unit number already used
0x800200a1,unit number not used
0x800200a2,rom directory not found
0x800200c8,id type already exist
0x800200c9,id type not exist
0x800200cb,unknown UID
0x800200cc,unmatch UID type
0x800200cd,id not exist
0x800200ce,not found UID function
0x800200cf,UID already holder
x800200d0,UID not holer
0x800200d1,illegal permission
0x800200d2,illegal argument
0x800200d3,illegal adress
0x800200d4,the memory are ais out of range
0x800200d5,the memory are ais over lap
0x800200d6,illegal partition id
0x800200d7,partition in use
0x800200d8,illegal memory block al location type
0x800200d9,failed to al locate memory block
0x800200da,inhibited to re size this memory block
0x800200db,failed to resize this memory block
0x800200dc,failed to al locate heap block
0x800200dd,failed to al locate heap
0x800200de,illegal chunk id
0x800200df,cannot find chunk name
0x800200e0,the reis no free chunk
0x8002012c,module link error
0x8002012d,illegal object format (notPRX/PFX)
0x8002012e,not found Module
0x8002012f,not found Module file
0x80020130,Module file read error
0x80020131,memory in use
0x80020132,partition is match
0x80020133,module already started
0x80020134,module not started yet
0x80020135,module already stopped
0x80020136,module can not stop
0x80020137,module not stopped yet
0x80020138,module can not remove
0x80020139,exclusive load
0x8002013a,Library is not linked yet
0x8002013b,Library already exists
0x8002013c,Library not found
0x8002013d,illegal Library header
0x8002013e,Library is used now
0x8002013f,module already stopping
0x80020140,illegal off set value
0x80020141,illegal position code
0x80020142,illegal access code
0x80020143,module manager busy
0x80020144,illegal flag
0x80020145,can not get module list
0x80020146,prohib it Load Module device
0x80020147,prohib it Load Exec device
0x80020148,unsupported PRXtype
0x80020149,illegal permission call
0x8002014a,can not get module information
0x8002014b,illegal Load Exec buffer
0x8002014c,illegal Load Exec file name
0x8002014d,There is no exit call back
0x80020190,no memory
0x80020191,illegal at tr parameter
0x80020192,illegal thre a dentry address
0x80020193,illegal priority value
0x80020194,illegal stack size
0x80020195,illegal mode
0x80020196,illegal mask
0x80020197,illegal thread ID
0x80020198,not found thread
0x80020199,not found semaphore
0x8002019a,not found event flag
0x8002019b,not found message box
0x8002019c,not found V pool
0x8002019d,not found F pool
0x8002019e,not found messagepipe
0x8002019f,not found alarm
0x800201a0,not found thre a devent handler
0x800201a1,not found call back
0x800201a2,thread already DORMANT
0x800201a3,thread already SUSPEND
0x800201a4,thread is not DORMANT
0x800201a5,thread is not SUSPEND
0x800201a6,thread is not WAIT
0x800201a7,now dispatch disabled
0x800201a8,WAIT time out
0x800201a9,WAIT can celed
0x800201aa,WAIT status released
N0x800201ab,WAIT status released with call back
0x800201ac,thread is terminated
0x800201ad,semaphore counter zero
0x800201ae,semaphore counter overflow
0x800201af,eventflag condition not occur
0x800201b0,this eventflagc an not accept waits with multiple threads
0x800201b1,illegal eventflag wait pattern
0x800201b2,messagebox have no message
0x800201b3,message pipe is full
0x800201b4,message pipe is empty
0x800201b5,wait object deleted
0x800201b6,illegal memory block
0x800201b7,illegal memory size
0x800201b8,illegal scratch pad address
0x800201b9,scratch pad in use
0x800201ba,scratch pad not in use
0x800201bb,illegal type
0x800201bc,illegal size
0x800201bd,illegal count
0x800201be,not found v timer
0x800201bf,illegal v timer ID
0x800201c0,illegal KTLS ID
0x800201c1,KTLS is full
0x800201c2,KTLS is busy
0x80020258,invalid such priority
0x80020259,device name is invalid
0x8002025a,device name is unknown
0x8002025b,pm information is registered already
0x8002025c,pmi nformation is not registered
0x8002025d,majorstate is invalid value
0x8002025e,request is invalid
0x8002025f,request is unknown
0x80020260,unit number is invalid
0x80020261,cannot cancel request
0x80020262,pm information is invalid
0x80020263,argument is invalid
0x80020264,already targete powerstate
0x80020265,failed to change system powerstate
0x80020266,cannot change device powerstate
0x80020267,device does not support such powerstate
0x800202bc,requesttothe DMAC failed
0x800202bd,DMA operation is lessorequalone
0x800202be,the operation is already queued
0x800202bf,the operation is already finishedornotqueueud
0x800202c0,the operation is already in transfer progress
0x800202c1,the operation is not assigned yet
0x800202c2,the sync operation timed out
0x800202c3,dma operation struct is already freed
0x800202c4,dma operation is used
0x800202c5,dma operation is empty
0x800202c6,DMA operation is aborted
0x800202c7,DMA operation is error
0x800202c8,physical DMA channel is already reserved
0x800202c9,physical DMA channel is not managed by dmac manager
0x800202ca,there is a privilege address in linklist
0x800202cb,linklist buffer is not enough
0x800202cc,the operation is not assigned to physical DMA channel
0x800202cd,the operation is child operation
0x800202ce,it is toomuch than transferable datasize
0x800202cf,argument is invalid
0x80020320,Toomany open files
0x80020321,No such device
0x80020322,Cross-device link
0x80020323,Bad file descriptor
0x80020324,Invalid argument
0x80020325,Unsupported operation
0x80020326,Alias is already used
0x80020327,Cannot mount
0x80020328,Driver deleted
0x80020329,Async operation is busy
0x8002032a,No async operation
0x8002032b,Device is already registered
0x8002032c,No current working directory
0x8002032d,Filename toolong
0x800203e8,DECI3 No such device or address
0x800203e9,DECI3I/O error
0x800203ea,DECI3 Not enough core
0x800203eb,STDIO not opened
0x8002044c,Parameter is not cache aligned
0x8002044d,End of kernel error code.Never use this name