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Perfection comes at a price, kid, and payday ain't for weeks. Capisce?

LA Noire spent seven years in fiery development Hell under production by Team Bondi, and now the gritty details about its tumultuous birth are surfacing like a quick glance away on a pretty face. Following dozens of reports of inhumane work conditions, 60-hour weeks and extreme turnover, IGN Australia contacted 11 unnamed former Team Bondi employees and bossman Brendan McNamara for the lowdown on developing LA Noire Down Under.

One recurring point of contention was overtime: "No overtime was officially paid in the three years and three months that I worked at Team Bondi," one of the anonymous former employees said. McNamara responded to this complaint (and many others), saying Team Bondi had overtime pay in place, "but contractually, we don't have to do that."

Another anonymous source described McNamara as a "24/7 corpse grinder with perpetual crunch and weekend overtime." McNamara didn't seem to have a response to that one. Read all of the complaints and McNamara's rebuttals in the full interview.