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[Release] F.E.A.R. - Save Editor (FEAR/FEAR Files/FEAR 2)
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    F.E.A.R. - Save Editor (FEAR/FEAR Files/FEAR 2)

    Latest build: 3.1

    Allows editing of F.E.A.R., F.E.A.R. Files, and F.E.A.R. 2 save data. Simply open your file, edit, save and it's ready for your HDD.

    - Open from STFS
    - Repairs STFS security on save (optionally prompts for STFS IDs)
    - Properly handles the Secure Transacted File System (STFS)
    - Properly handles and rebuilds save data
    - Extract blocks (allows compressed data blocks to extract or decompressed and then extracted)
    - Works with all save data (manual/auto).
    - Patches (create or apply patches for the string table for easier editing)
    - Description manifest (allows users to edit descriptions of string values (or update the manifest via internet) for easier editing)
    - Search string table (search through string table for easier editing)
    - Detailed logging (easier for finding error solutions)
    - x64 support


    F.E.A.R. Files (expansion disc)

    F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

    Q: When trying to load, Continue Mission is grayed out. How do I get my save to load now?

    A: Backup your save, start a new campaign, delete the new save, replace with your backup and load again.

    Q: Mods not working in Instant Action after editing my save. How do I get my mods to work in Instant Action?

    A: Load your edited save for Campaign first, quit and load an Instant Action map.

    Report any errors/problems please

    http://360haven.com/feudalnate/projects/apps/F.E.A.R. - Save Editor 3.1.rar
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    any chance if there one going for fear 2
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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    I've had FEAR 2 support added for awhile now but haven't released, I need to fix a few things before posting and haven't got around finishing it up. FEAR 3 was leaked today so if data is stored in the same manner I'll more than likely add support for that as well. FEAR 2 support will be added regardless if FEAR 3 support is possible, as well as x64 support. That said, you can expect an update in the near future
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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    Sounds Good Nate. :P
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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    thanks nate it's good to see someone working on fear 2 saves and looking into fear 3 editing, has fear 3 got seperate abilities you can add to your players like i was reading a few months ago?
    if we can get a god mode for both fear 2 and 3 and an ammo mod and for fear 3 a ability mod (points or to change the actual abilities whichever) in otherwords the basics then it should be all good.

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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    This still won't work with windows 7. But thx anyways.

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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    any luck on the save edits for fear 2 & 3 yet fuedalnate? is it stored in the same manner? for god mode and everything

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    Re: F.E.A.R - Save Editor

    Quote Originally Posted by Remix1121 View Post
    This still won't work with windows 7. But thx anyways.
    im running win7 home premium 64bit. and it opens for me. make sure you have the latest .net framework. i also have sp1 as well.
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