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On the very first episode of Crystal Dynamics' podcast, The Crystal Habit, the minds behind the studio's upcoming Tomb Raider reboot sounded off on what their next project is going to look like.
Studio head Darrell Gallagher explained, "We're starting to look at doing a new IP here, and we're in the very early stages of that." He added that the team hopes to "take all the learnings and the technology and everything that we've done with Tomb Raider over the last six years and apply that to something new moving forward."

He added that the new game will shoot for the same story-driven action-adventure experience the team has almost exclusively curated during its career.

We're actually pretty excited about the prospect of Crystal Dynamics taking on a new IP in the future -- not because we're excited by change, mind you, but because it means they're not planning on rebooting Gex any time soon.