Sony's House sees Nintendo's console as stepping stone for new gamers.

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Always one to blow their own trumpet, Sony are now under the impression that disgruntled Wii owners will automatically migrate over to the PlayStation 3. Sony see this move as the logical step for the millions of Wii owners that are fed up with standard definition visuals and are clamoring to jump on the High Definition bandwagon. Has Sony managed to tempted you over to the PlayStation 3?

“If you look back at previous lifecycles, like PS2 versus N64, we have lots of data that suggests that lots of people bought into N64 as their entry level gaming device, and were happy to upgrade to a more powerful machine later in the life cycle when the price point was right for them.”

“I think we’re going to see this later on PS3, and the fact that it’s a Blu-ray player as well and that there’s a [greater] wealth of network based experiences than are perhaps available on the device they already have will add to the proposition. I think that will definitely be a factor in the marketplace.”

- Andrew House, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s newly appointed President