Play with your Pokemon toys in digital form.

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Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo 3DS, but not in the form many of you might be hoping for. While we all wait for a true installment of the series to arrive in 3D, Nintendo is preparing a full retail sequel to a WiiWare title. Are you ready for Super Pokemon Scramble?

Currently only slated for Japan, Scramble (known as Rumble in the States)

places you in a world full of Pokemon toys. You accumulate Pokemon with unique skills and send them off into battles, but instead of turn-based combat, you're looking at real-time action and level exploration. Bosses are in the form of larger-than-life legendary Pokemon like Zekrom.

The 3DS version looks to include more modes and options, including the ability to play online with other players. StreetPass functionality will allow other players' creatures and Miis to appear in your game.

The 3DS game is currently due to release in Japan this month.