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What is S.A.M.
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Thread: What is S.A.M.

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    What is S.A.M.

    I see in the shoutbox that it has been made available to download here. I'm just wondering as the title says.....What is it???

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    Re: What is S.A.M.

    Its a very useful program made by McWxXx from this site. It has a collection of save editors, a FATX explorer and a bunch of other useful tools and its well worth a download so grab it!

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    Re: What is S.A.M.

    The name stands for the following(admins/mods feel free to edit if its against the rules)

    S = Suck
    A = Ass
    M = Microsoft

    Show my hatred for what m$ has become, and my love for games, and programming. Its my free AIO that is ment to simply take on the competition from others like modio who make users pay for use of all the features and stomp them in the ground as to speak.

    Not only does it have multiple save editors for the x360, but other things, like pc save editors, downloads, misc apps, fatx browser(atm is party buffalo), and will continue to be supported by future updates.


    Side note thanks longy999 means alot when I here things like that.
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