Hey Guys, Thought ill bring you the patch notes for DBZ since havent seen them here yet.

-Add DLC data
-Increased Capped level (from Lv. 80 to 85 at the maximum)
-Incident rate of WARNING during parallel quests has been increased.
-The position where players come back in Tokitoki citiy has been changed.
-After cleared parallel quests, now players will be back near “Time Machine Station” in Tokitoki City.
-And, the position of Masters has also been changed.

Changed the spec when disconnected from XENOVERSE servers,
When players are disconnected from XENOVERSE servers, they still can play offline mode, now. (before this update, users had to be back to title screen)
Although Time Space delivery and Campaign events won’t be available, online battles and parallel quests will be still available from each online reception.
Countermeasure against cheating:
-Players who did cheating conducts won’t play the following functions
-Log in multi lobbies
-Join online battles and online parallel quests

Some rules during online battles have been changed:
-During endless battles, capsules cannot be used.
-Communication delay during online battles has been reduced.
-Made adjustment on time patrol, battles and parallel quests
-Added version information on title screen

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